My family and I moved to Lake Bluff in late 2013 after spending most of my life in Seattle, Washington. My wife, who is native to Lake Bluff, assured me that I would love it, and I do. I can walk down the street and watch the sunrise from the lake, have a beer outside on a cool night, even enjoy a great meal, and all within four blocks. The only thing missing in my new hometown was good espresso, a key element to my time in Seattle. The storefront is the perfect size and the alley is the perfect accommodation for what I would like to achieve at Prairie: a comfortable setting for a quality cup, no matter if it is filled with espresso, coffee, beer, or wine. Prairie Espresso is just as much as what I wished Lake Bluff had as what I aim to provide for my neighbors in our village, so please enjoy yourself. 

-John Davis, Owner/Operator